5 Tips for the First 5 Days of School

  • Aug 29, 2018
  1. Use the CATA buses to get to class

    CATA buses that run on campus are free for MSU students starting this fall. Image result for cata bus msu
  2. Read course syllabi before going to class
    Most professors will go over the course syllabus in class but briefly.
  3. Write down all important due dates for assignments and exams in a planner
    You can find these dates in the syllabus for most classes​​​​​​
    Image result for msu planner
  4. Introduce yourself to your professors
    Building and maintaining a professional relationship with professors is very beneficial to pre-professional students that will need recommendation letters in the future.
  5. Go to the first meeting of clubs that you are interested in
    You can narrow down how many clubs you want to join/have time for after you’ve been to the first meeting to get a good feel on what the club is like and what the club can offer for you.


By Bhumi