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8 Extracurricular Activities Premed Students Should Try:

  1. Clinical Volunteering
  2. Community Volunteering
    • Volunteering at food banks, homeless shelter, elementary or middle schools etc.
    • Many student organizations offer various opportunities.
  3. Research
  4. Shadowing
    • Shadowing a professional in an occupation you want to go into is a great way to find more information on that occupation.
  5. Student Organizations
    • This is a great way to make friends with similar interests as yours and gain more opportunities to be involved on campus.
  6. Allied Health
    • Certified programs are a great way for students to get their clinical hours. This is especially helpful to PA students who need a certain number of paid clinical hours.
    • For example, Certified Nurse Aide, Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist etc.
  7. Internship
  8. Intramural Sports
    • Being active is a great way to release some of that premed stress.



Sparty in Research Lab


By Bhumi