AACOMAS 2017-18 Application Cycle Updates

  • Mar 28, 2017

Some updates have been made to this year's application cycle through AACOMAS, most notably the earliest date of submission. Students may begin submitting applications on May 4th; however, schools will not begin to receive and process the applications until June 15th. Due to rolling admissions, it is recommended that students submit their applications as early as possible to increase their chance of receiving an interview at their desired school(s).

Additionally, there are new dates for academic updates, which allow students to enter newly completed or planned coursework in their application after it has already been submitted. AACOMAS encourages students to submit updates to their coursework and final transcripts during the following periods: September 1st - October 3rd, December 14th - February 15th, and March 15th - April 13th.

Another change that is important to note is the new policy on course repeats. Beginning this application cycle, AACOMAS will begin to include all course attempts when calculating GPA (both cumulative and science) rather than dropping the score of initial attempts or averaging the scores. For example, if you originally took CEM 251 and received a 1.0 but then retook the class and received a 4.0, both grades will be counted in your final GPA.

Fee Assistance is available for those who qualify at the beginning of each application cycle. Typically funds are depleted by July so it is wise to apply early. If an applicant is approved for the Fee Waiver, they must submit their applications within 14 days of approval. Keep this in mind when deciding your application timeline!

By: Sydney