Applying for Executive Board Positions

  • Jan 21, 2017

One of my most beneficial and rewarding expieriences at MSU thus far has been my involvement as the Vice President of the Preprofessional Society for Health Careers of Alpha Epsilon Delta (yes, we know it's a long name).

I first joined AED as a sophomore and made myself known to the executive board through my regular attendance at meetings and participation in a wide variety of club events including volunteering, service trips, and social events. During the spring semester, AED like most organizations on campus, opens up applications for the following year's executive board; for me, it was a no-brainer that I would run for one of the positions. I loved being a member of AED and I wanted to have a say in how the organization would move forward in the future. Being Vice President was not only beneficial to me as a preprofessional student (hello leadership opportnity) but I genuinely enjoyed it as a person. I became close friends with my fellow e-board members and found that general members were often coming up to me as a mentor of sorts. It allowed me to hone my skills as a leader through the planning of our annual Dominican Republic medical service trip and induction ceremony, as well as teach me how to work with others even when there were sometimes conflicting opinions.

While I can't say that I know the selection process for all organizations' executive boards, having been involved in my own club's elections I can tell you the qualities that are valued when choosing new execs. First and foremost, it is important to show your dedication and involvement to the club. This means more than just showing up to weekly meetings; it means that you have to be actively engaging in events and reaching out to connect with your fellow members. Additionally, you have to show leadership qualities in your time as a general member. This could include something as simple as volunteering to drive to a club event or providing suggestions to improve the organization. Another beneficial quality that is a great way to further your application is to get to know the current executive board members; if there is a position that you are interested, get to know the person who currently holds that title. Often they are very influential in deciding their successor, so if they see that you are actively showing interest in the position and going out of your way to be engaged then they are much more likely to shoot a vote your way. Being an executive board member is a truly rewarding job and while there may not be open positions for every student out there, there are definitely ways to show that you are deserving of one.


By Sydney