Blog Spotlight: Dr. Andrea Tooley (adoctorinthehouse)

  • Nov 3, 2016

During the litle downtime that I do get as a pre-dental student, I really enjoy relaxing and watching different Youtube videos. One day after feeling frustrated with my study habits, I came across adoctorinthehouse, or Dr. Andrea Tooley. She is currently a resident physician working for Mayo Clinic Department of Opthamology, and while that may not apply to all of us, there is plenty of content that she puts online that will help all of us as pre-professional students! Dr. Tooley is a young, successful woman who gives all kinds of advice on various different topics that I find to be extremely helpful.

Dr. Andrea Tooley

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Her blog,, has blog posts that are very relatable and include different stories on medicine, food, fitness, and relationships! More importantly, she creates very helpful Youtube videos for pre-med students.

Some of the topics that she makes videos on are:

- Studying

- Outfit ideas for professional school interviews

- Extracurricular activities in college

- Anxiety that pre-med's deal with

- Motivation

- Interviews with doctors of several different professions

- Pre-med advice

- Medical school advice

- Many, many more!


Dr. Andrea Tooley

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As a pre-professional student, I find her videos to be extremely helpful. She has covered what studying habits she uses and that have worked for her, organizational tips, grades, studying for admissions tests, and more! For some reason I feel a lot better about myself if in my down time I watch something that can actually help me in school and relieve some of the stress I'm feeling!  I have learned a lot from her and really think that she is an inspiration. So, if you have some free time and want to do something productive instead of watching The Office on Netflix, check out Andrea's social media!


Youtube: Andrea Tooley ( A Doctor in the House)

Instagram: adoctorinthehouse



By Samantha