Dear Spartans...

  • May 5, 2017

For the past year, I have given out plenty of advice to prepare you all for your future as professionals. I have told you what classes to take, what medical schools look for, and what volunteering you should do. So now it is time for some advice about your time here as a Spartan. Some tips from a senior who is leaving. From one preprofessional student to another…

  1. Make time for a social life.
    One of the joys about MSU is the diverse student body. We have so many different student groups here and it’s a great way to make friends. MAKE time for friends. Grades and tests will exhaust you. It is your friends that lift you back up and remind you how smart, strong, and determined you are. They have been my friends, therapists, and voice of reason for my past 4 years. Of all the things about MSU, I will miss living 10 minutes away from them the most. Do NOT take this for granted.
  2. SCHEDULE your life and stick to it.
    The people who always seem to have their life together are the people who used a planner or something along those lines. The number of times I forgot about homework is too many to count and that would not have been the case had I used a planner. Make to do lists and do them. It will come back to haunt you on Fridays when you want to relax but put off all your homework. My only regret is not using my planner sooner.
  3. Don’t cry over spilled milk
    My sophomore year at MSU was rough. I ended up doing horrible in 2 classes and would need to re-take them. I remember being so upset and depressed about it at the time. 2 years later, I retook the classes and all of my sadness is a distant memory. You cannot change things like this, but you CAN learn from them. Failing those classes made me a better student. Learn from your mistakes, but do NOT linger on them.
  4. Never chase anything except your dreams
    Never change yourself for anybody (whether that is for a friend, a significant other, or even your family). College is about finding yourself. These 4 years are the best time to get out, meet people, and find out what you love. You grow as a person. You learn to be independent. Do not let anyone take that growth from you. Keep going on your own path. You will find people who support that and who will grow with you!
    This seems hard to comprehend. Know this! I am so serious when I stress this. You are more than a piece of paper that says how you did in some class you took for 3 months. It took me a long time to realize this. That paper does not define you. If you want to do something, you will find a way to make it happen. Do NOT beat yourself over things you can’t change.
  6. Have a plan, but don’t freak out when you don’t stick to it!
    Everyone has a 4-year plan, but the number of people who stick with it are probably less than 1%. I know my plan changed and is still changing to this day. Be flexible. Sometimes life happens and it doesn’t go as planned. It’s okay. Wherever you want to end up in life, you will get there!
  7. Cherish it
    You may not realize it, but four years goes so fast. Just yesterday, it seemed like I was moving in at Bryan Hall, as a freshman, and tomorrow I will walk across the stage and graduate. Do not take any moment for granted. Always say yes to late night pizza, plans with friends, and karaoke. Netflix will still be there when you graduate, but your best friends may be half way around the world. Live in the moment, even if that is cliché!

Best of luck to all of you. I have loved being a PPA this year and giving you all some guidance. This job has been so rewarding and you should all apply to be one! The advisors we work with are some of the best people I know. My co-workers (Sydney, Sam, and Anna), have become like sisters to me. I’ll miss them to pieces!

For the very last time with all my love,

Your PPA Bailey <3