Different Interview formats for professional schools in Michigan

  • Jan 24, 2018

The interview... the closest step to an acceptance to a professional school. Although it feels very good to make it to this point in the application process, you want to take this very seriously and be as prepared as possible. This can be the determining factor in the admissions committee's decision to reject or accept an applicant. Times are changing and so are interview styles. Below is the breakdown of common interview styles, including a fairly new one, the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI). 


One on one interview with a faculty member

The breakdown- This is the traditional interview styles for professional school. It gives the faculty member a chance to get to know you as not only a person that wants to be a doctor but also just as a person in general. This interview is open file, meaning they have access to your application in its entirety. Every type of question is fair game. They can ask you to elaborate on things in your application, why you chose that profession, ethical dilemma questions, etc. You should prepare for all types of questions. This is your chance to show them your drive and passion, so use the time wisely and be your best self! This typically lasts for 45 minutes to an hour.

Medical: Oakland, UofM, Wayne, Western

Dental: UofD, UofM

Optometry: Ferris

Pharmacy: UofM, Wayne, Ferris

PA: Eastern, Grand Valley, CMU, UofD, Wayne, WMU


One on one interview with a medical student

The breakdown- This interview is usually a bit more laid back and relaxed than the faculty interview, but do not take this for granted. It is still weighted heavily in the admissions committee’s decision. The point of this interview style is to make sure you will be a good fit for the school and will click with the other students. They want to see how you might interact with your classmates. The student is usually in their second or third year of medical school and they are partially blind to your application. This means they have access to the words, not the numbers; so they have read your experiences, personal statement, and possibly, your letters of recommendation, but have not seen your MCAT score or GPA. The interview usually lasts about 30 minutes.

Medical: MSUCHM, UofM, Wayne,

Pharmacy: UofM


Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI)

This interview style is fairly new, but a wave of professional schools are beginning to incorporate it. The MMI is used to assess many competencies and see how quick you are at thinking of scenarios and answering questions on the spot. Depending on the school, the MMI will consist of 6 to 12 stations, which may include rest stations. You will walk up to a door, and have 2 minutes to read the prompt. Typically a bell will ring, and you will enter the room and will be allocated 6-8 minutes for that station. You will be prompted to either discuss the prompt with the person in the room or role play with the person in the room. If prompted to discuss, the person will usually have some follow up, probing questions prepared for that station.

Medical: MSUCOM, MSUCHM, UofM, Wayne, Western

Dental: UofM


Also, keep in mind that many schools incorporate more than one interview type, so you should do your research and be prepared for all types!


By A'Jah