Explore NatSci.msu.edu

  • Oct 3, 2017

Hello Spartans,

Are you a preprofessional student? The natsci.msu.edu website is a helpful tool for you!

Under the preprofessional resources tab, you can find information about all of the possible professional schools in Michigan. The website has information on advising, requirements for professional schools in Michigan, preprofessional related student organizations, past and upcoming presentations and workshops, and the PPA newsletters. For example, the website has a list of requirements for all the seven medical schools in Michigan. It also tells you about the application process for all types of professional schools. This website is a very useful tool that many preprofessional students do not know about. It has answers to most questions any preprofessional student could have. It is helpful because it has a ton of information all on one website. It is most beneficial to you as preprofessional students to utilize this website.

Other helpful tools are the preprofessional Twitter and Facebook accounts run by the Preprofessional Peer Advisors. The social media accounts have the most recent news in the preprofessional world. These accounts will have articles about workshops, open houses hosted by different schools, seminars, and much more. These social media accounts will keep you updated on the complex world of the professional schools.

By Bhumi