How to Deal With the Stress of College

  • Nov 21, 2016

Let's face it, college can be stressful. Between classes, volunteering, club activities, work, and socializing, your student schedule can get very hectic. It is important to keep yourself healthy and happy, so here are some tips and tricks to manage your schedule and your stress:

  1. Do things in advance. If you know you are going to have a lot of homework due Friday, start doing it earlier in the week if that is an option. This is also the case for studying for exams, and fulfilling other requirements. If you do just a little bit of homework or studying every day of the week, it is so much more beneficial for you, your health, and your grades. And remember: don't feel bad about telling your friends "no" to hanging out if you need to get things done.animated gif
  2. Plan things out. So you are a college student. Our schedules are everywhere. Make sure to write out in your planner and calendar your due dates, exam times, and anything else you need to get done. Plan accordingly, you don't want to realize you have three midterms in one week and you only figured that out two days before your first exam.animated gif
  3. Stay on top of your physical health. This is one of two most important points: you want to sleep enough (I know, hard to imagine), make healthy food decisions, exercise regularily, and drink enough water. Take care of your basic needs.animated gif
    (We all know lettuce isn't that great, but still try to eat some veggies and fruits every day.)
  4. Stay on top of your mental health. This is just as important as keeping up with your physical health. (If not more important.) Schedule in some personal time where you just do something you enjoy doing (reading, writing, playing video games, watching TV). Let you be you, and let yourself recharge. Since humans are also social creatures, make sure to spend time with people that build you up.
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  5. Find an activity that you enjoy that lets you de-stress. This can be one of your extracurricular activities, or maybe you meditate in your down time. Anything that works to help you relax for a moment benefits you in the long run.animated gif
  6. Talk to a close friend or family member. Maybe you really need to vent about your last exam or about how overwhelmed you feel. That is okay. Talking to someone will help, and it will also bring some much needed comfort.animated gif
  7. Put yourself first. Sometimes we become so stressed with our schedules and keeping in touch with all of our friends and family members that we forget that we are our first priority. Recognize that in order to take care of the millions of other things you have going on, you must first take care of yourself.
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  8. If you are overwhelmed, seek help. If you are overwhelmed in one of your classes, seek help from a TA or the professor. Go to the help room, go to office hours. If your stress extends beyond a class (or even if it doesn't) it is always good to consider going to the MSU Counseling Center. They can help you if you are feeling sad, stressed, lonely, if you need help concentrating, if you need extra support, or for any other reason.counseling schedule

By Anna