How to Study for an Exam

  • Sep 6, 2019

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Welcome back, Spartans! In honor of classes starting, and exam season in our near future, let’s begin this school year with a list of how to study for a hard exam. 


1. Use a planner 

Folks, you will be more organized if you have a planner. Whether it be a quick jotdown of things you need to accomplish on the daily, or an elaborate semester-long list of assignments and activities, knowing all due dates is crucial for doing well in your courses. 


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2. Make a Groupchat 

Don’t know anyone in class? Totally fine! I’ve been in a lot of classes with zero friends and guess what? I met a lot of people through these courses. Make it a point to talk to one or two people in your class and ask if you can share phone numbers. Closer to the exam date, everyone can pitch in and complete a piece of the study guide or meet up. We all feel the grind, and we are in this together. 

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3. Start reviewing a week earlier

I usually do the best when I start reviewing material a week before an exam. Make sure you go through the learning objectives, lecture notes and homework. 


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4. Office hours/ Help room 

If you don’t understand a topic and think there are holes in your knowledge after reviewing the information, it’s a great idea to go to office hours. Teaching Assistants are also available during help room hours. 

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5. Take a break 

Your brain needs a break to function at maximum capacity. Go out to eat, sleep, or treat yourself for finishing that one problem set. Make sure you enjoy your time here! 

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6. Don’t stress too much about it 

You have more to you than just your grades, you have an awesome personality and are a unique individual with the capability to learn from your mistakes. In the long run, this class is NOT going to stop you from reaching your goals! 


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Beyonce said it so it must be true. 


7. This list of tips may or may not work for you and that is 100% fine! 

Finally, there is no correct way to study for an exam. You are here to learn about yourself, how to study, and what you think is important.

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Open adds end (8:00pm): 09/04/2019 

Last day to drop with refund (8:00pm): 09/23/2019 

Last day to drop with no grade reported (8:00) 10/16/2019 


Have a fantastic year,