I am preprofessional and I am: completely unprepared for finals

  • Dec 5, 2016

Here is a compilation of everything you're probably feeling right now
(myself included)...


When you have a super nice Thanksgiving break....

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But then you get back to school and remember finals are in 2 weeks...

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And you told yourself that you were going to study but you never actually did...

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You start to have a slight mental breakdown...

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But then you get your head in the game and hit the books

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After like, 1 hour this ends up being you...

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And this is you as well...

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And you end up crying a lot because finals

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Finally it's test day...

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And you need to remind yourself that you'll be okay

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And you walk out of there unsure on how you did?????   

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But you get your score back and you nailed it

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And now you get to go home and not think about school for basically a month!

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Goodluck on your finals everyone!


With love,