Preprofessional Cats and Dogs

  • Dec 9, 2016

As a distraction from the chaos that is the end of this semester, please enjoy some cats and dogs trying their best to become health professionals, much like you guys:

  1. "Sorry, I cannot ruff-fill your prescription."
    dog dressed as doctor
  2. The well known chiropractor:
    dog scratching a persons back
  3. "The patient has yet to notice that the chart is meow-sense."cat dressed as doctor
  4. Dr. Doge and Dr. Woof are in the house:two dogs, one dressed as a doctor and the other as a patient.
  5. "Where are the charts, Carl?"cat dressed as doctor
  6. Just got off a 12 hour shift:
    dog dressed as doctor
  7. Dr. Daisy, having purr-fected dealing with difficult patients:two cats dressed as doctors
  8. "Who's a good doctor? You are!"dog dressed as doctor

Apologies for the terrible puns.

By Anna