PSL311L: Michigan State University's Newest Physiology Lab

  • Dec 7, 2016

PSL 311L  Physiology Laboratory for Pre-Health Professionals

Some of you may have heard about one of MSU's newest labratory courses, PSL311L.So what is it? PSL311L is the newest physiology laboratory class here at Michigan State! This is designed to be taken concurrently with PSL310 or PSL432, but it is also sufficient if you have taken one of the PSL courses in a previous semester. You need to have CEM141 and CEM142 completed before taking this course, and unfortunately it is not open to freshman at this time. This is a two credit class, with four lab hours per week.It is offered during fall and spring of the school year. What's cool about this class is that it is accepted as part of the Human Biology elective credits, if that is your major!

Description from Schedule of Courses:

Laboratory exercises in human and animal physiology, including neural, sensory, muscle, cardiovascular, and urinary function, with an emphasis on the integration of physiological systems. Laboratory exercises relevant for pre-health students and the development of data analysis and problem solving skills.

Description from an Enrolled Student's Perspective:

This is seriously the best class I have ever taken, even though it's a lab! Typically, I am not a huge fan of lab courses whether it be CEM or BS labs but this PSL lab has completely changed my opinion! There is no physical lab manual, so everything is completed online and the website (kuracloud) makes it very organized and easy to understand. This lab is super up to date with the newest technology that we get to use. So far, we have have completed labs based on "Osmosis and Membrane transport", and also "Membrane Potential". We have even got to perform labs that deal with blood and urine, how cool is that?!

I am taking this lab concurrently with PSL310, and it directly lines up with exactly what we are learning and even uses the same exmaples as the lectures. I know, from previous labs, that the lectures never really aligned with the labs, but those who have designed this course did a great job of making sure that it does. What I love the most about this class is that there are less than 30 students in my section which makes it easy to get to know everyone and have a team-based environment. This lab aims to also introduce professionalism that will be expected in a healthcare environment by being graded on not just your labs, but how you self perform and treat your classmates.There is a professionalism mini lecture at the beginning of every lab, which I really love to learn about. I really look forward to going to this class every week, because not only is the class awesome, but the professor and TA's are so helpful and upbeat. This is by far the coolest learning environment I've been in, and this is just my honest opinion.

By Samantha