Spring Semester as a Spartan

  • Feb 2, 2017
  1. When you realize that you don't get to skip Winter this year.winter is here
  2. And then you hear the first signs of a sniffle and suddenly you and every single person you know is sick.
    movies reactions death sick depressed
  3. You're drowning in your courseload and start to regret making that decision to take more credits now than you did in the Fall.
    school work confused real housewives of orange county rhoc
  4. But then you remember that you'll thank yourself in the Summer and Fall for the extra free time.bedroom activities stepbrothers so much room for activities
  5. Changing your calendar because we all know they made a mistake when they wrote "March" instead of "Izzo".
    cut spartan msu brass
  6. And then you remember that you need to figure out summer employment.
    friends job jennifer aniston unemployed
  7. Starting to see the first signs of Spring and thinking it's acceptable to no longer wear your coat.
    new day spring englanders
  8. And then realizing that you have to leave your Spartan family until the Fall.
    television sad mtv crying the hills

By: Sydney