Summer Ideas for the Preprofessional Student

  • Apr 24, 2017

Can you believe summer is only a few weeks away?! This semester has flown by and I can't believe that next year will be my last at Michigan State. The only thing that stands in the way between you and a couple of months off are final exams. Ugh! I have thought of a few ideas of things I want to do this summer to keep busy as a preprofessional student, so I thought I would share with you guys, I know summer isn't what it used to be, waking up at noon just to mosey around the house and dig through cupboards but these ideas will be sure not to leave you bored!

  1. Volunteer. I'm sure many of you have planned to volunteer over summer anyway, but I thought I would reiterate how important it is. You will have lots of free time over the summer to help at your local food bank or play with the puppies at the humane society! Whatever your passion may be, make sure to spend some time giving back to others.
  2. Read. Growing up I was a big reader but unfortunately, my leisurely reading has turned into reading research journals and Nutrition textbooks. Regardless, grab a good book that you've been dying to read, and find a shady tree to lay under. This will be a great way to get back into reading books that you don't have time to during the year.
  3. Shadow! As I mentioned before, during the school year our full time job is to be a student. With that being said, shadowing hours tend to be left for a later date. Having a few months off will really allow you to get a good grasp on some of the shadowing hours that professional schools require of their applicants. Even if you are unsure about attending professional school, shadowing is a great way to dip your toes into a profession and see what it is like without the commitment.
  4. Go on an adventure. We seriously are so lucky to live in the most beautiful state ever so try to take advantage of that. Even if you can't afford a plane ticket, or to go somewhere crazy like Europe, grab a friend and take a road trip Up North or to see something you have always wanted to see. Summer is about relaxing and being outside, am I right!?
  5. Study for your entrance exams. Summer is a lovely time to study for the MCAT, DAT, GRE, etc. since we have more time to focus on the task at hand. While it isn't ideal, this is how I'll be spending the first few months of summer!
  6. Tour Professional Schools. Sometimes schools can be far away, and you don't have time to visit during the year. Since we have some time off during summer, see if you can attend an open house or go on a tour of professional schools that you may be interested in attending.
  7. Attend a workshop. Many professional schools will put on workshops during the summer for pre-professional students. For instance, I know The University of Michigan School of Dentistry is putting on a workshop in June. Contact admissions or make yourself familiar with schools' websites to see if they have any events coming up.

I hope this list gets you thinking about some things you can do to keep yourself busy during the summer.

By Samantha