Taking a Leap

  • Oct 11, 2018

Taking a Leap


During the fall semester of my freshman year, I spent a ton of time researching the Education Abroad website in search of programs that are related to my interest in science. Did you know that MSU’s Education Abroad has a program in every single continent? We actually have a program in Antarctica - which is insane! I wanted to travel to a country that was extremely unique and that was different from any other country that I’ve been to before. At first, I was skeptical about going abroad with a group of random students, but this was one of the first gates I opened towards meeting new people within the 10th largest college in the nation. I decided to go abroad after my freshman year during the summer because I knew that I would have the most free-time between freshmen and sophomore year. I wanted to work, volunteer, and study for the DAT for the future summers to improve myself as a preprofessional student. I went on the three-week Iceland Fire and Ice program that focused on the geology of Iceland; I have never been to a country so pure and fresh when it comes to the air you breathe even to the water you drink (you can seriously drink the water from anywhere, it is that safe). I, and 10 other fellow students, traveled the whole perimeter of Iceland, making stops at every major landmark while we stayed in hostels, mini-huts, cabins, and houses. It was way out of my comfort zone doing all the hiking between two tectonic plates, trekking the Svínafellsjökull glacier, repelling 500ft down the Thrihnukagigur volcano, and exploring a canyon that had a waterfall at the end.

waterfall canyon


I have never done anything so adventurous when it comes to exploring and this is exactly what I wanted out of a study abroad program. So, if you are considering studying abroad, DO IT!! If there are reasons holding you back when it comes to finances, there are a ton of scholarships that are available as well as financial aid that is offered throughout the school year for your tuition abroad. If you have any questions regarding how to apply or what programs are offered within the College of Natural Science, feel free to schedule an appointment with me or stop by the Education Abroad Office!

Stacy Vo

Safe travels!!

By: Stacy Vo