Note-Taking Methods

Common Note-Taking Methods

There are several common methods of note-taking, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Each one will take practice for you to develop speed and comfort.  Clicking on the link will give you a more detailed description of that method, as well as an example of an actual CEM 141 lecture as captured by that note-taking style (thanks to Dr. Cangelosi for allowing me to sit in!).


Concept Mapping: Concept mapping is a graphic means of representing information, which relates each fact/idea to every other fact or idea.

Cornell Notes: Cornell Note Taking is a systematic format of condensing and organizing notes without need for laborious recopying, by dividing paper into specific sections.

Outlining: As with traditional outlining, this note-taking method starts with general information at the left, adding more specific facts and clarifications indented to the right and set below the main idea.

Sentences: Taking notes using the “sentences” method produces a record of complete thoughts/concepts.