Concept Mapping

Concept Mapping Example


  • Determine the “subject/topic”.  Write this title in the center of page with a circle around it.
  • As major facts (subheadings) are presented that relate to the subject/topic, draw lines out from the circle and label.
  • As additional facts are presented that relate to each subheading, draw these lines, linked to the appropriate major fact and label.
  • Continue process as more defining facts or ideas are presented.

When to use

  • When lecture content is well organized.
  • Often effective with guest lecturer and have no idea how lecture will be presented.
  • Effective if you prefer “visual” learning.


  • Helps keep visual track of lecture.
  • Relationships easy to see.
  • Can cover lines for memory review and relationships.


  • You may not hear changes in content from major points to facts.
  • Can be visually overwhelming.