Reviewing course material is likely the most common method of studying, but it's only one part of the studying process.  “Reviewing” includes reading over your notes, listening to an audio recording of class, watching a video, recopying your notes, and any other method in which you are taking in the information after your initial exposure.

Review content three times in three different ways within 24 hours:

  • Re-read your lecture notes (as soon as possible after class!)
  • Read the assigned pages in your textbook
  • Meet with a study group and discuss

Please do review any pre-requisite material you’re not completely comfortable with, particularly if it is mentioned in class – you will be responsible for knowing it and incorporating it with new information.

As part of the review process, be sure to always “weave in” material you learned in prior classes.  This will help you gain a deeper, broader perspective of the content but it will also serve as test preparation.