Time Management and Self-Motivation

Think back to those days of high school.  Likely, you had a contingent of people who helped support you on a daily basis and you became so accustomed to that assistance that it was almost invisible.  Some students have:

  • parents who wake them up in the morning, make sure there's food to eat, provide a place (and nagging) to get their homework done,
  • coaches who remind you of game and practice schedules 
  • counselors who make sure you meet your testing and application deadlines and help you get your schedules in order.

And now?  It's all on you!

Time management is likely the most critical and most underrated skill for academic success.  How you keep track of your time is less important than that you find a method that works for you so that you meet all your deadlines, have plenty of time for studying, keep all your commitments, and still have time for you.  Click here for some ideas on time management!