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Academic Advising


Academic advisors know the policies, procedures, and details of their programs. Advisors are located in each academic department for departmental majors. The NatSci Office of Undergraduate Academic and Student Affairs provides a one-stop location for career consulting, study abroad planning and advising for pre-health students, along with major administration through the NatSci Dean's Office.

Student and advisor responsibilities are defined in the Advising Syllabus.

Scheduling Advising Appointments

Current MSU students:

Advising/Tutoring Appointment System 

  • Go to student.msu.edu and login with your NETID and password
  • Select the Academic Progress tile
  • Click the tab on the left, labeled Advising/Tutoring Appointments
  • To schedule a new appointment, click Create New Appointment
  • You will now fill out the New Appointment section details:
    • Category: choose Advising
    • Advising/Tutoring Unit: Select College of Natural Science
    • Appointment Reason: Choose the appropriate major or interest
    • Additional Information: Enter more details to assist the advisor with preparing for the appointment 
    • Appointment Type: Choose an available option for how the appointment will be held (Zoom, phone, etc.)
    • Once all of the information has been entered, click Select Advisor:
  • View the Advisor name and Location
  • Click the Time Selected drop-down menu to view available times, then click Select Time to confirm the appointment
  • You will be returned to the New Appointment screen where you can review any notes from the advisor/tutor and confirm the appointment. 
  • Click Book It!

Additional training modules and support for using the Student Information System (SIS) can be accessed below:

Override Requests

Students requesting an override must consult the department for that particular course. A list of Natural Science override request forms can be found on the the Physiology Department page.

Department contact information can also be found by searching for the course in Schedule of Courses. The contact information will appear on the right-side of the page after entering the course subject and selecting Find Courses.

Natural Science Advisors

Major Academic Advisor

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

BMB website | BMB advising

Evelyn Grace
105B Biochemistry, (517) 353-5556

Leslie Thompson
105 Biochemistry, (517) 432-8775

Biological Science – Secondary Education

Biological Science website

Kanchan Pavangadkar
108 Natural Science, (517) 355-4116

Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics

BLD website | BLD advising

Use the BLD advising page to find your advisor.


Chemistry website 

Sheba Onchiri
485D Chemistry Building. (517) 353-1134

Data Science

Data Science website

Devin Silvia
1508e Engineering Building, (517) 432-0212

Kevin Miloshoff
1501 Engineering Building

Drew Science Scholars Program

Drew Science Scholars website | Drew Science Scholars advising

Ariel Robbins
C202A Rather Hall, (517) 432-4088

Environmental Studies and RISE (Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment)

RISE website

Laurie Thorp
C208 Bailey, (517) 432-4944
Earth and Environmental Sciences (formerly Geological Sciences)
Geological Science and Environmental Geoscience
Danita Brandt
209 Natural Science, (517) 355-6595

Human Biology

Human website | Human Biology advising

Christine Nguyen-Koelzer
106 Natural Science, (517) 884-6029

Raychel Payne
106 Natural Science, (517) 353-4727

Kaitlin Peterson
106 Natural Science, (517) 884-0351

Dorali Rebollo
106 Natural Science, (517) 353-7153

Kate Thome
106 Natural Science, (517) 353-8951

Holly Wright
106 Natural Science, (517) 884-0252

Integrative Biology

Integrative Biology website | Integrative Biology advising

Scott Fitzpatrick
219A Natural Science

Eila Roberts
323A Natural Science, (517) 353-2269
(Internships, Prospective Students, Academic Orientation, All IBIO Department Majors)

Mathematics & Actuarial Science

Math website | Math advising

Brian Chadwick
C221 Wells Hall, (517) 353-5019

Ron Powers
C222 Wells Hall, (517) 432-1007

Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (MMG)

Jeannine Scott
2225 Biomedical Physical Science, (517) 884-5418

Natural Science Exploratory 
Kanchan Pavangadkar
106 Natural Science, (517) 355-4116


Neuroscience website | Neuroscience advising

Becky La
2201 Biomedical Physical Science, (517) 355-4114

Ashley Maloff
2240 Biomedical Physical Science, (517) 432-4301

Physical Science – Secondary Education

Physical Science website

Kanchan Pavangadkar
106 Natural Science, (517) 355-4116

Physics & Astronomy (PA)

PA website | PA advising

Stuart Tessmer 
1312 Biomedical Physical Science, (517) 884-5532

Laura Chomiuk
3276 Biomedical Physical Science, (517) 884-5608


Physiology website | Physiology advising

Lori Seischab
2240 Biomedical Physical Science, (517) 884-5200

Plant Biology

Plant Biology website | Plant Biology advising

Evelyn Grace
105B Biochemistry, (517) 353-5556


Pre-Health website | Pre-Health advising

Christine Nguyen-Koelzer
106 Natural Science Building, (517) 884-6029

Raychel Payne
106 Natural Science, (517) 353-4727

Kaitlin Peterson
106 Natural Science, (517) 884-0351

Dorali Rebollo
106 Natural Science, (517) 353-7153

Kate Thome
106 Natural Science, (517) 353-8951

Holly Wright
106 Natural Science, (517) 884-0252

Pre-Health Peer Advisors - Scheduling assistance for freshman pre-health students and freshman Human Biology majors. PPAs can answer pre-health questions for students at any level.

106 Natural Science, (517) 884-6841

Statistics and Probability (STT)

STT website

Leonard Johnson
C413 Wells Hall, (517) 355-3287



The College of Natural Science has developed the following objectives to assist in meeting the Institutional Learning Goals. The objectives for each year incorporate all the Institutional Learning Goals into the advising experience. 

Please read before your advising appointment:

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