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NatSci Colloquium 2022


helmetTuesday, August 30, 2022helmet

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Student to Student Words of Advice:

         “Don’t get stuck in the track you THINK you want to take. Try something   

          different. It might change EVERYTHING.”

                            “Meet new people and find your niche!”

              “Take advantage of ALL the opportunities MSU has to offer.”

                                            “Never limit what you can accomplish.”

                             “Support is everywhere at MSU.  Let someone know that you need it.”

    “It’s important to find your passion and your niche and go ALL IN.”

                        “Let your heart not dwell in sorrow, for tomorrow we change the world.”

           “Don’t give up when the future seems unclear. Rest, regroup and keep going.”

                                                  “Get involved in research.”

                                                         “Study hard, get involved and find your purpose.”

                            “Find a field you are passionate about.”

          “Never procrastinate and remember to love what you do.”

                         “Study, Study, Study”

           “Reach out to faculty and mentors! One conversation can ease so much stress.”

                                                    “Do not be afraid of reaching out for help.”

          “Challenges will arise, don’t be afraid to take them head on!”

                       “Work hard and be persistent.”

                                   “Always remember what makes you passionate about science!”

                      “Remember that you need time to relax, or you will feel overwhelmed.”

                                                                                  “Seek challenge!”

                                        “Don’t limit yourself to your comfort zone.”