Study Abroad

Experience your defining moment while connecting with the world around you.

Students who take advantage of MSU Study Abroad become more attuned and part of the larger world. They have more balanced global perspectives and attitudes. At the same time, they develop a stronger sense of personal identity, flexibility and self-confidence – all developed while they learn and earn credit toward their MSU degree.

We supports many options for both Natural Science and other colleges majors.

  • Witness and apply environmental science firsthand in faculty-led field studies on six continents.
  • Study math and science for a semester in a completely different university system.
  • Conduct research with a team in an international lab or field station.
  • Become fluent in a foreign language by living and learning overseas.
  • Earn Integrative Studies requirements in social science, arts and letters or general science.
  • NatSci majors are not limited to “science” Study Abroad. Most MSU programs welcome students from all MSU colleges. Search by country or subjects that intrigue you.

For more Study Abroad opportunites, search all MSU Study Abroad programs by country, subject, semester and length.

Two Types of Programs

  • Faculty-led Study Abroad

    Travel and learn with a faculty member and a small group of MSU students. Elective field studies credits for science majors, and ISB or ISP (Science Integrative Studies) for non-science majors. (There are also “Study Away” programs which are like Study Abroad except they do not travel outside the U.S.)

  • Semester Abroad

    This is typically a half- or full-year program with no accompanying MSU faculty. Instead, you are an international student at an overseas college or university. The course credits you earn are approved/endorsed by MSU departments as credit applied towards your MSU degree.




Semester Abroad

Australia - Monash University in Melbourne

Australia - University of New South Wales in Sydney

Australia - University of Technology Sydney

Australia - Australia National University

Ecuador - Universidad San Francisco de Quito

New Zealand - Conservation Medicine - New in Spring 2017! 

Norway - University of Oslo

United Kingdom - Lancaster University, England

Many more universities are open to ALL MSU majors - Meet with advisors to determine what school is best for you. Search Study Abroad Programs

Program Costs & Aid

Program costs vary and depend on factors like location, program length and type of housing offered. Study Abroad scholarships are available for students with a degree major in the Natural Sciences. Additional information on financial aid and scholarships is available from the MSU Office of Study Abroad.

How to Apply

The Study Abroad Online Application must be submitted for each student applying to any MSU-sponsored Study Abroad program. The MSU Office of Study Abroad also provides resources to aid in all aspects of studying abroad.