Financial aid opportunities are available to help you get on you way with Study Abroad.

Michigan State is committed to the development of programs that will cost approximately the same as a semester on campus for tuition, books and room and board. Financial aid (student loans, grants, MET, etc.) is available to study abroad with appropriate arrangements.

Students with majors in the College of Natural Science are invited to apply for Study Abroad scholarships. Students are not required to enroll in a Natural Science program to qualify for scholarships; students can apply for any MSU Study Abroad program offered by other colleges or the Office of Study Abroad.

Our Scholarships

  • $750 for long-term program (10 weeks or more)
  • $400 for a short-term program (less than 10 weeks)
  • $1,000 NatSci Competitive Scholarship

A minimum of one NatSci scholarship is awarded per semester or summer session. Selection is based on student merit and financial need (as determined by your application), essay and letter of recommendation.


Applications for summer, fall and academic year programs are do no later than March 31st. Winter break and spring semester programs applications are due no later than October 31st.

How to apply

The NatSci Scholarship application requirements are very similar to those of the MSU Study Abroad Scholarship Application. Applying for and receiving an MSU Study Abroad Scholarship will not affect your chances of receiving a NatSci award.

  1. Email Beth Reid with the following:

    Note: Students may elect to submit the same essay to both the college and MSU Study Abroad scholarship programs. Applicants will be notified of scholarship award via email or mail.

    • Name
    • Current GPA
    • Local address
    • Desired Study Abroad program and the country
    • Program dates
    • Indicate whether you have been awarded any type of financial aid (Yes or No)
    • Indicate whether this is your first MSU Study Abroad program
    • Attach an essay in a Word document or PDF. The essay should be no longer than one page and emphasize how the Study Abroad experience will contribute toward your education. Include your name, title and date of program in the heading. Topics you should address in the essay include:
      • Why this country and program? (Relevance of the site/program to your academic career and personal goals)
      • How you will apply your study abroad experience upon your return to the US?
      • Qualities you possess that will help you be successful abroad
  2. Request a letter of reference from a faculty, staff or graduate teaching assistant in the format described below.

Letter of Reference Instructions (for Faculty)

For faculty writing a letter of reference, the College would appreciate your candid evaluation of the applying student. Please cover the following points in your recommendation (note: you may use the same recommendation that is used for the MSU Study Abroad Scholarship Program if the student is applying for this program).

  • How long and in what capacity have you known the student?
  • Describe their academic ability.
  • Evaluate their emotional maturity.
  • In what ways do you believe the student would benefit from participation in the study abroad program?

Please submit your letter of reference via e-mail to Beth Reid.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

In addition to the NatSci scholarships, students may also apply for MSU scholarships and grants offered through the MSU Office of Study Abroad. Requirements are listed in the application instructions for each type of award. Contact the Office of Study Abroad for details.