Guests/Non-Degree Students

Welcome! You don’t have to be a degree-seeking student to take NatSci Off-Campus or Online summer courses! Michigan State guest students have Lifelong Education Status.

  1. Learn more on MSU Registrar’s Lifelong Education site.
  2. Then complete the online Lifelong Education Application.
  3. There is NO FEE TO APPLY for MSU Lifelong Ed admission. You will pay the per-credit Lifelong tuition rate and no other fees.
  4. When your Lifelong application is received, the Registrar’s Office will respond quickly to accept and enter you into the system with MSU Net ID/email and StuInfo account.
  5. When you have obtained your MSU PID/Email address, you can enroll in your Off-campus or Online course
  6. Find your course in the online Schedule of Courses.
  7. Click on the course code for the full course description. Note prerequisites for the course. Use the Search Again option to find description of the prerequisite course content, determine if it matches the work you have completed.
  8. Equivalencies with many schools can be found in MSU Transfer. Search by your home institution or the MSU course code.
  9. If your MSU course has prerequisites, you will need to obtain a prerequisite override from the MSU Department that offers the course. To request the override, contact the person listed in the section description or use the department link/contact info in upper right corner of the schedule. Most NatSci departments now have online Override Requests, which will be found on the department’s website. Click on the link; enter with your MSU PID and password; complete and submit the form.
  10. When your override is in place, log into Schedule Builder (tab at top of the Schedule of Courses). Use your MSU NetId and password, follow instructions.
  11. Watch your MSU email and StuInfo account for your invoice and due date.
  12. Back in the Schedule of Courses, click on the section code (e.g. 701, 730) to find out what you’ll need, e.g. textbooks, equipment.
  13. Enjoy your Spartan experience - Online or Off-Campus!