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Preprofessional Resources Page

Here, you will find resources for preprofessional students, who are students pursuing professional school for human health careers while completing their undergraduate degree at Michigan State University. This includes dentisty, medicine, optometry, pharmacy, physician assistant and other human health careers that require additional education after completing a bachelor degree. 

The information and resources on this page are not intended to replace meeting with both your major advisor and a preprofessional advisor on a regular basis.

On the left, you will find more detailed information in the following areas:


Information about the Preprofessional Advising Team at MSU, how to prepare for meeting with an advisor, scheduling an appointment with a preprofessional advisor and our office policies.


Information on becoming a successful applicant to professional school, including choosing a major, co-curricular opportunties, such as volunteering, summer programs, study abroad, research and gap years.

Curriculum Planning

Information for planning coursework, including professional school prerequisite guides, admissions test guides, information on taking undergraduate courses at another institution, and health-related non-science courses at MSU.

Application Process

Information on various aspects of the professional schools application process, including costs and fees, how to choose schools, guidelines for letters of evaluation and personal statements, interview and an application year timeline.

Student Organization

Information on MSU's pre-health and health-related registered student organizations, including their websites, social media handles and email.

Presentations and Workshops

Presentations from seminars and workshops put on by the Preprofessional Advising Team.


Informational videos by the Preprofessional Peer Advisors on preprofessional topics.


Preprofessional newsletters including information on professional schools, MSU advisors and students, and more.