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College Climate Survey

The MSU College of Natural Science (NatSci) has released the results of its Organizational Climate Survey, which was undertaken in Spring 2019 to gauge the current college climate on work and learning environments. 

The survey, conducted by Michigan State University’s Office for Survey Research, was sent to 13,682 members of the Natsci community (faculty, specialists, staff, postdocs, graduate students, undergraduates and coordinate majors in Lyman Briggs College).

The NatSci climate survey assessed general satisfaction and comfort levels; feelings of belonging, safety, respect and value; the prevalence of harmful, inappropriate or uncivil behaviors; and incidents of sexual harassment within NatSci. Respondents were also asked to evaluate the level of diversity within NatSci faculty, staff and students. 

The survey measured how individuals rate the climate for groups from different backgrounds, the prevalence of bias/discrimination (experienced or witnessed), and the level of familiarity and comfort with mechanisms for reporting these experiences.


NatSci Climate Survey Questions

NatSci Climate Survey Full Report

NatSci Climate Survey Summary Report

NatSci Climate Survey Qualitative Report - an analysis of open-ended survey questions

NatSci Climate Survey Summary Presentation