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Home to 6,000 undergraduate students and 1,200 graduate and postdoc students, the College of Natural Science (NatSci) provides education and career opportunities through 27 departments and programs focused on the biological, physical and mathematical sciences.

It’s different at a research university. You don’t just learn about theories and discoveries in the classroom. Research not only gives you deep knowledge of a particular subject matter; it requires you to analyze, think critically, write coherently, problem solve, and manage and interpret data—skills that are useful no matter what profession may be in your future. Research also sharpens life skills—patience, organization, teamwork and persistence—that will serve you well in almost any situation. In addition, a variety of student organizations at the university, college and department level are available to further enrich your NatSci experience. Apply now to get started!

Undergraduate Studies

NatSci undergraduate programs offer a strong foundation for careers in science and technology. Undergraduates will find plenty of opportunities to work shoulder-to-shoulder with top-tier faculty as they postulate new theories and make discoveries, while putting their own original ideas to the test.

Our alumni have a track record of success and innovation in advancing science, and they make a difference as health professionals, teachers, lawyers, business leaders and researchers in corporate, government or university laboratories throughout the world. Many pre-health students select NatSci majors to help launch their careers in medicine, dentistry, optometry and other health professions.

The education and experience provided allows students to excel at understanding the complex challenges of science in the 21st century. Prepare your mind for what’s next!