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Marketing Office

The College of Natural Science (NatSci) is home to forward-thinking and inspiring faculty, scholars, students, and alumni. The NatSci Marketing Office is responsible for sharing the world-changing and transformative work and research happening in the College. The team develops engaging print and digital graphics, executes thoughtful social media campaigns, drafts well-researched stories and releases, and designs user-friendly websites. 

Content Services & Consultation  

The NatSci Marketing Office supports strategic initiatives and communications through innovative storytelling, marketing, and experiences. 

Work is self-directed as well as in partnership with teams and offices related to faculty scholarship and research, experiential student learning, recruitment efforts, alumni engagement, and donor outreach.  

The College of Natural Science Marketing Office’s scope of work entails: 

  • Graphic design and visual branding (print, digital) 
  • Photography 
  • Video footage and production 
  • Article and release writing/editing
  • Media sharing/pitching (releases, faculty experts/topics)
  • Story and digital experience development
  • Marketing and campaign development
  • Website development
  • Web user experience and accessibility
  • Surveys and analytics

The NatSci Marketing Office also consults with departments and units on story/experience development, marketing campaign development, communications plans, website development, web accessibility and user experiences, survey development, data and analytics metrics, social media strategy, public relations, and media pitching.