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Faculty & Specialists

Faculty members in the College of Natural Science have gained a national and international reputation for the quality of their research and teaching.

Among the college’s 400+ faculty members are endowed chairs and professors and distinguished scholars whose excellence has been recognized by Guggenheim, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and National Academies of Science honors.

In addition, a cadre of outstanding academic support staff stands ready to provide guidance and help as you contemplate your path and chart your course.

Our faculty and staff members pride themselves on being accessible to students. As an MSU NatSci student, you will have an opportunity for significant guidance from our faculty and staff, both inside and outside of the classroom. The NatSci environment will challenge you to reach new heights of intellectual achievement while offering the personal support and encouragement you need to develop into a consummate professional.

The college is proud of the robust and ever-evolving research initiatives taking place throughout its departments and programs. Although many resources exist for faculty and staff members across campus and beyond, this section contains college-specific information and links to other resources specifically required by faculty members and academic staff in the physical, biological and mathematical sciences.