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Making a better semiconductor

Research led by Michigan State University could someday lead to the development of new and improved semiconductors.

NatSci faculty members earn MSU university distinguished professor title

Five Michigan State University (MSU) College of Natural Science professors were among 10 faculty members named university distinguished professors in recognition of their achievements in the classroom, laboratory and community.

Microbes could be key for better yields, stronger plants

How can agriculture evolve to meet the demands of an increasing global population without compromising the integrity of the environment? Microbes just might be the answer, according to Michigan State University scientists.

Extinguishing the black hole firewall paradox

MSU professor Chris Adami’s latest research on black holes and what happens to quantum information will once again dramatically change the way physicists study and think about these cosmic mysteries called black holes.

Supernovas help 'clean' galaxies

Recent research, led by Michigan State University astronomers, finds that the black holes located at the cores of galaxies launch fountains of charged particles, which can stir up gas throughout the galaxy and temporarily interrupt star formation. It seems these explosions that mark the end of a star’s life work hand-in-hand with supermassive black holes to sweep out gas and shut down galaxies’ star-forming factories.

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