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MSU's Actuarial Science Program names new director

R. Kevin Clinton is the new director of Michigan State University’s Actuarial Science Program. Clinton assumed his new role on Aug. 16.

Batting practice in the genome

In the biochemical game of genetics, it was thought that the proteins controlling gene regulation in animals were either spectators or players. But MSU researchers found that spectator proteins are actually practicing up for the big game.

Rebuilding Mara Hyena Project after flood

The MSU Mara Hyena Project in Kenya, which has been monitoring the behavioral ecology of spotted hyenas since 1988, suffered a major setback on June 13 when the Talek River jumped its banked and inundated the camp, ruining serveral thousands of dollars worth of supplies and scientific equipment.

Faculty voice: Lisa Lapidus: Using physics to treat Parkinson's disease

Developing effective treatments for neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson's disease, is one of the greatest medical challenges of the 21st century. Thanks to innovative research being led by MSU's Lisa Lapidis, a knockout punch to the disease may be on its way.

Forgotten sex signals

Sending signals to the opposite sex isn't always a trait that's passed on to animals' offspring according to new research conducted at Michigan State University.

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