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Supernovas help 'clean' galaxies

Recent research, led by Michigan State University astronomers, finds that the black holes located at the cores of galaxies launch fountains of charged particles, which can stir up gas throughout the galaxy and temporarily interrupt star formation. It seems these explosions that mark the end of a star’s life work hand-in-hand with supermassive black holes to sweep out gas and shut down galaxies’ star-forming factories.

It's best to make friends of friends – even spotted hyenas know that

A team of researchers, including Kay Holekamp, Michigan State University Distinguished Professor of zoology, found that cohesive clustering of the kind where an individual bonds with friends of friends, something scientists call “triadic closure,” was the most consistent factor influencing the long-term dynamics of the social structure of spotted hyenas.

Two high-achieving NatSci students named 2015-16 Beckman Scholars

Two MSU College of Natural Science (NatSci) students have been named 2015-16 Beckman Scholars  Sanna Fraleigh, a physiology sophomore from Ann Arbor, Mich.; and Kiera Fisher, a Biomedical Laboratory Science junior from Kalkaska, Mich.

MSU statisticians identify Florida cancer cluster

Higher-than-expected rates of pediatric cancers have been identified in the Miami metro area and an area west of the Everglades. The anomalous rates were detected by five research teams, including one from Michigan State University.

MSU's Sheng-Yang He elected to National Academy of Sciences

Sheng-Yang He, a Michigan State University Distinguished Professor and internationally renowned plant scientist, has been elected to the Natioanl Academy of Sciences for his seminal contributions to the understanding of plant-pathogen interactions.

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