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Fixed Term Faculty Annual Performance Evaluation Policy

  1. Overview
    1. All College of Natural Science (NatSci) fixed term faculty and academic staff shall have their performance evaluated on an annual basis, or within three months after the end of their appointment period.
    2. The evaluation of fixed term faculty and academic staff shall be based on the duties and responsibilities specified in the position description. Weight should be given to all duties consistent with the percent time listed for assigned duties in the “Fixed Term Faculty/Academic Staff Appointment/Reappointment Memorandum”.
    3. The standards and criteria for the assessment of performance within each NatSci unit shall be developed by the unit according to unit policy or bylaws in accordance with College and University policy and bylaws, and where applicable, the collective bargaining agreement for the Union of Non-tenure Track Faculty.
    4. For fixed term faculty and academic staff who are appointed in multiple units, the NatSci unit will serve as the lead for performance evaluations where it is the lead unit for the appointment. This will include coordinating with the other unit(s) on performance planning, reporting, and evaluation to make things as seamless as possible for the faculty/staff member.
  2. Annual Performance Evaluation Process
    1. The annual evaluation period shall be January 1 to December 31.
    2. Each fixed term faculty/academic staff member must submit a written summary of activities as specified by the NatSci unit. The written summary of activities and supporting documentation provide evidence to be used by the peer review committee (if applicable) and unit administrator in evaluating performance.
    3. The unit administrator (e.g. department chair, school director, dean) shall review the performance of each fixed term faculty/academic staff member and shall prepare a written evaluation using the “NatSci Fixed Term Faculty and Academic Staff Annual Performance Evaluation” form.
    4. The unit peer review committee may provide input to the unit administrator, but the administrator is responsible for evaluating the performance of each fixed term faculty and academic staff member consistent with the expectations for the position and policies of the unit.
    5. The unit administrator will assess each significant area of the individual’s responsibility, and also provide an overall evaluation.
    6. The unit administrator, or designee, shall offer to discuss the evaluation with the fixed term faculty/academic staff member. The unit administrator shall provide a draft written evaluation prior to meeting with each individual to discuss the evaluation.
    7. The unit administrator shall provide the written final evaluation within three months of the discussion of the evaluation with the fixed term faculty/academic staff member.
    8. The fixed term faculty or academic staff member may attach a written statement to the evaluation if desired.
    9. The fixed term faculty/academic staff member shall have the right to meet in person with the unit administrator or designee after the final written evaluation is received.
    10. The unit administrator shall certify, through the Dean of the College of Natural Science, to the Office of the Provost that the evaluation has been completed.
  3. Evaluation Criteria — the following categories will be included in any evaluation to the extent applicable:
    1. Teaching (undergraduate, graduate, non-credit)
    2. Research, creative activities and other scholarly effort
    3. Advising, counseling, and other student services
    4. Outreach
    5. Curriculum development
    6. Service (unit, college, university, professional)
    7. Administration (i.e. duties related to a formal administrative assignment)
    8. Overall Evaluation, which considers performance in all of the required performance areas relative to their percent time and importance.

NOTE: The evaluation should be based only on assigned duties, not those activities that the faculty or staff member chooses to do on a voluntary basis.