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Tenure System Annual Evaluation Policy

In accordance with the MSU Faculty Review Policy, all NatSci tenure system faculty must be reviewed on an annual basis, and the review must be based on “clearly formulated and relevant written performance criteria … to clarify expectations.” In addition, every faculty member must be “informed in writing of the results of his/her review by the unit administrator.” For jointly appointed faculty, the administrator of the lead unit is responsible for coordinating the annual review. These annual assessments of faculty will also be reflected in recommendations regarding merit salary adjustments, reappointment, tenure, and promotion. Units must provide NatSci with signed copies of these reviews and the activity summary information* on which they are based for every faculty member.

Implementation Guidelines

In addition to the guidelines specified in the MSU Faculty Review Policy, NatSci faculty and units shall conform to the following:

  1. The written evaluation of NatSci faculty should use the NatSci Tenure-System Faculty Annual Evaluation Form to document completion of the review and acknowledgement by the faculty member involved. Full instructions on competing the form are provided in the form. 
  2. As per the MSU Faculty Review Policy, all NatSci “faculty members shall submit a written summary of activities for the appropriate period of time to the unit administrator in a timely manner prior to the review.”
    1. This written summary of activities should detail the faculty member’s teaching obligations, publication record, grant activity, leadership obligations, mentoring, public outreach, faculty initiatives, and awards and other recognition.
    2. Any NatSci faculty member who fails to provide a written summary of their activities is ineligible to participate in the merit salary review process.
  3. As part of the NatSci Faculty Annual Review Process, to verify compliance with the MSU Outside Work for Pay Policy, all NatSci faculty must submit a completed NatSci Outside Work for Pay Disclosure Form.
  4. Units must complete Faculty Annual Reviews by June 15.
  5. Units must provide signed copies of the NatSci Tenure System review form (and any corresponding review letter), along with the activity summary information on which they are based, for every faculty member by June 30.

Approved by the NatSci Faculty Advisory Council 9/19/2013.
Minor additions made 2/2/2023.


*[1] Departments have the option of providing an updated CV for each faculty in lieu of the written summary of activities, so long as the CV contains updated teaching, publication, grant, and leadership activity information.