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National Research Council Rankings Data

Reports and information from the United States National Research Council (NRC) surveys and report on United States Research-Doctorate Programs.

Sexual Harassment & Assault Liaison

Sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking subvert the mission of the University and offend the integrity of the University community.

Summary of University Academic Appointments

Summary of the different types of academic appointments available within NatSci and points to relevant web resources.

Worklife Balance, Parental/Family Resources, Leave Policies

Information on and links to selected university policies and resources to help you maintain a healthy WorkLife balance and address the needs of you and your family.

Office of Research Support

The Office of Research Support provides coordination for grant development for faculty within the college.

University Faculty Handbook

University human resources provided handbook for all university faculty.

Web @ NatSci

This website is a training resource created for web developers and content contributors of the Michigan State University College of Natural Science Web Content Management System (Mura CMS). The site provides "How-to" articles, development documentation and more.