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Professional Science Master's Degrees

Expand your career options with a Professional Science Master's degree

Several Professional Science Master's (PSM) degrees are available to prepare and train students in technical areas for positions in industry. The PSM is a professional M.S. degree in science or mathematics for students interested in a wider variety of career options than provided by current graduate programs in the sciences and mathematics.

Industrial advisors offered consultation and guidance in the design of these two-year degrees. This design partnership assures graduates are qualified for positions in business and industry. Students who desire advanced training in a disciplinary area and are interested in a more applied approach will find these degrees attractive.

All PSM programs have training in project management and communications as part of their curriculum. The specific elements of this training vary between individual PSM programs. Programs are available in biomedical laboratory operations, food safety, industrial mathematics and integrative pharmacology.


Food Safety

The Online Masters of Science in Food Safety Program is for future leaders in industry and government who are assuming or desiring additional food safety responsibilities. Class size is limited and the faculty are from a range of disciplines at Michigan State as well as subject matter experts representing agriculture, communication, human medicine, sociology, natural science, veterinary medicine and homeland security. The Internet-based program is offered by the College of Veterinary Medicine at MSU. More details on the Master of Science in Food Safety…

Industrial Mathematics

This program is designed to produce generalized problem solvers of great versatility, capable of moving within an organization from task to task. The program covers not only the standard mathematical and statistical tools, but also the basic ideas of engineering and business. Students will have received training in project development and in modes of industrial communication. More details on the Industrial Mathematics degree…

Integrative Pharmacology

This online program is designed to train individuals in whole animal and organ systems-level pharmacology. The program also offers electives such as Intellectual Property & Patent Law, Leadership & Team Building, Project Management, and Drug Development. Courses are offered almost exclusively online to allow flexibility for students regardless of their geographic location, work schedules, or family responsibilities. The program provides practical skills in integrative pharmacology and is designed for individuals who seek career advancement and leadership roles in academic, government, or industrial laboratories. More details on the Integrative Pharmacology degree…

How to Apply

Applications for admission to the Professional Science Masters Programs are handled by the individual department that coordinates the program. Each program may have specific requirments. Once you have determined all the requirments for the neccessary program, begin the online application process at the MSU Graduate School. The online application allows you to save your information as you collect all the necessary materials.

Follow these steps to apply:

  1. Visit one of the program web sites listed above for complete information.
  2. Contact the department(s) of interest. Faculty will help you make the most informed decision, so ask plenty of questions.
  3. Review the departmental materials including the specific steps for applying. This varies based on the program and department, so review the information closely.
  4. Begin the online application at the MSU Graduate School. You can save your information in the system as you collect all the necessary materials.