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Amplify STEM Video Initiative

Help us amplify the voices of STEM professionals from underrepresented backgrounds! 

Video Information 

  • Create a 2-5 minute video highlighting an underrepresented STEM professional. According to the National Science Foundation (NSF), women, people with disabilities, and individuals who are Black, Hispanic/Latino/a/e/x, and Indigenous are underrepresented in STEM.
  • Video should be creative and engaging but appropriate for public viewing 
  • Video can be presentation style, poetic, song or any other style that will creatively and clearly convey a message that will touch on the points required for the submission  
  • Selected videos will be shared on the MSU Amplify STEM YouTube Channel and be promoted on host colleges’ social media pages and websites.  
  • Creators of selected videos will receive an MSU Amplify STEM t-shirt for their participation
  • Submitter must be an employee or student of Michigan State University 
  • Selected STEM Professional can be past or present
  • Videos should include the following: 
    • Introduce yourself: Name, pronouns if you would like to share them, college/department/program, role at MSU, major (for students)  
    • Introduce your underrepresented STEM Professional
    • Provide a brief background of their life
    • Provide information about their work
    • Provide what the impact of their work has had or will have on society
    • Provide what motivated you to select this person
  • Submissions should be shared via MediaSpace and will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with selected presentations posted by the start of the next month.

Recommendations for creating your video

Questions?  Email natsci.dei@msu.edu

Video submission form: Fill out the submission form link here.

Front of the Amplify STEM t-shirtBack of the Amplify STEM t-shirt

Pictured: Front of the Amplify STEM shirt, back of the Amplify STEM shirt