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Past Trainings

October 2018

Diversity in STEM Series

Researching the neurobiology of trauma: does personal experience, politics, and identity inform or bias the science?

Dr. Apryl Pooley, Neuroscience PhD, MSU

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October 2018

Diversity in STEM Series

The reciprocal relationship between STEM research and community work: How the respective experiences and identities of an academic scientist and a nonprofit executive director inform each other’s work.

Tashmica Torok & Dr. Apryl Pooley

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October 2017

Creating an Inclusive STEM Classroom: Strategies and Skills Development

Amber Benton, Kendra Pyle, Danielle Flores Lopez, Jonglim Han

Workshop Resource List

February 2017

STEM Teaching Essentials 

Learning Narratives from Students of Color in STEM Classrooms

Danielle Flores Lopez, Kendra Pyle, Lazarius Miller, and a panel of undergraduate STEM students

Workshop video and resource list

Spring 2016

Towards Racial Equity:  Creating a More Inclusive Science Community

  • Advocating for Students of Color with Jasmine Lee (April 11, 2016)

  • Exploring Group Privilege with Donna Rich Kaplowitz (April 27, 2016)

  • Promoting Faculty Inclusion and Excellence with NiCole Buchanan (May 9, 2016)