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This listserv was created to disseminate diversity and inclusion information for the entire MSU community. It is intended to offer a place to share on- and off-campus events, information and resources. If you would like to become a member, please email natsci.dei@msu.edu.


These guidelines have been developed to ensure that all who wish to participate may do so in an environment of respect, consistency, openness and honesty. When adhered to, they will assist in providing the trusted, professional and vital postings and exchanges that we all value.

Participation on this listserv is an explicit agreement by each individual to abide by these guidelines, which will be enforced by the listserv owners:

  1. Membership in this listserv is a privilege, not a right.  Compliance with this code of conduct is mandatory as a condition of this membership. 
  2. When sharing events, double-check that the correct date, time and location are included.
  3. Respect the opinions of others, regardless how divergent from your own. Personal attacks and derogatory comments are inappropriate and must be avoided. Do not post offensive, abusive or insulting material.
  4. Avoid sending messages which are no more than gratuitous replies.
  5. Be accountable for your words and actions, regardless how unintended the interpretation.
  6. Non-professional commentary, regardless of the subject, should be avoided.
  7. If you want to respond to only one person or should you find yourself in disagreement with someone, avoid flooding the inboxes of others by making your responses to each other via direct email. 
  8. Listserv members should not identify the contributor of shared information without prior expressed authorization from the contributor. This includes re-posting messages, in whole or in part, and representing or conveying ideas containing specific, identifying information about the contributor.
  9. Do not use the listserv for personal political purposes, including campaigning or endorsing a political candidate or ideological rhetoric.
  10. If any individual posts content that is inappropriate or repeatedly violates this code of conduct, the STEAM4DIVERSITY listserv owners will issue a warning. If these offenses continue, the owner may remove the offender from the listserv.
  11. To send a message to all of the people currently subscribed to the list, send an email to STEAM4DIVERSITY@LIST.MSU.EDU

Created: 10/28/2016