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Committees and Councils

Awards Committee
Curriculum Committee
Student Advisory Council (SAC)
Faculty Advisory Council (FAC)
Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee
Scholarships and Awards Committee
University Committee NatSci Representatives 

Awards Committee

The NatSci Awards Committee selects the faculty awards in the spring (due April 1) for the following academic year based on nominations submitted by departments and programs. The NatSci awards are presented to faculty and staff in the college following the annual State of the College address.

Committee Members 2024-2025

  • Selvan Demir (CEM)
  • Krystyna Kijewska (CEM)
  • Ann Bronikowski (IBIO)
  • Gabor Francsics (MTH)
  • Wolfgang Bauer (PHY)
  • Eva Farre (PLB)
  • Susanne Mohr (PSL)
  • Gabi Bontea (STT)
  • Angela Wilson  Dean's office (CEM)
  • Diana Bello-DeOcampo DEIAC Rep (IBIO)
  • Sonya Lawrence DEIAC Rep (BioSci)
  • Saul Beceiro Novo FAC Rep (PHY)

Curriculum Committee

The committee handles undergraduate and graduate matters of curriculum, and is an advisory body in the area of educational policies. It examines and evaluates policies relating to subject matter, methods of instruction, academic advising, graduation requirements, and curriculum revision.

Committee Members 2022-23

  • Marc Breedlove (NEU)
  • Kevin Haudek (BMB)
  • Igor Rapinchuk (MTH)
  • Stuart Tessmer (PHY)
  • Pavel Sikorskii (MTH)
  • Veronica (Mengqi) Zhang (CEM)
  • Undergrad Student Rep
  • Grad Student Rep


For details on the Curriculum Committee composition, functions and procedures, see the College Bylaws (section 3.4.5).

Student Advisory Council (SAC)

The SAC advises the college on issues concerning undergraduate and graduate students, and promotes the interests of these students. View the roster and more details on SAC.

Faculty Advisory Council (FAC)

The FAC advises the college on matters of importance to the faculty, nominates representatives to the Academic Council and university committees, selects faculty members for college committees.

Council Members 2023-2024

  • Charles Hoogstraten (BMB)
  • Angela Wholehan (BLD)
  • Thomas O'Halloran (CEM)
  • Saul Beceiro Novo (CISGS)
  • Huan Lei (CMSE)
  • Dalton Hardisty (EES)
  • Diana Bello DeOcampo (IBIO)
  • Nick Haddad (KBS)
  • Vera Zeidan (MTH)
  • Neal Hammer (MMG)
  • Shannon Manning (MMG)
  • Pengpeng Zhang (PHY)
  • Brian Gulbransen (PSL)
  • Alan Prather (PLB)
  • Daniela Strenkert (PRL)
  • Haolei Weng (STT)
  • DEIAC Representative - Sara Garnett
  • NatSci Representative to the University Committee on Faculty Affairs - Ekaterina Rapinchuk
  • Postdoc Representative 
  • Undergrad SAC Representative  
  • Graduate SAC Representative  


Phillip M. Duxbury, Dean

Cori Fata-Hartley, Associate Dean for Non-Tenure Faculty Development
Gemma Reguera, Associate Dean for Faculty Development

Follow this link for Faculty Advisory Council Meeting Minutes.

For details on the NatSci Faculty Advisory Council composition, functions, and procedures, see the NatSci Bylaws (section 3.3.2).

Graduate Committee

The coordinating committee for the graduate programs in the college is a formal channel of communication on matters involving the graduate programs and research activities that may be received from individuals.


  • Graduate program directors of each academic unit in the College.
  • Graduate student representatives (2).


  • Representatives to the University Graduate Council
  • Phillip M. Duxbury, Dean
  • Amy Ralston, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

For details on the Graduate Committee composition, functions and procedures, see the College Bylaws (section 3.4.6).

Reappointment, Promotion & Tenure Committee

The RPT Committee has shared responsibility with the Dean in making recommendations regarding promotion and tenure of faculty.

Committee Members 2023:

  • Warren Beck (CEM)
  • Diane Ebert-May (PLB)
  • Michael Feig (BMB)
  • Wade Fisher (PHY)
  • Bob Hausinger (MMG)
  • Matthew Hedden (MTH)
  • Tyrone Rooney (EES)
  • Jan Stevenson (IBIO)
  • Hongbing Wang (PSL)
  • Yimin Xiao (STT)


Gemma Reguera, Associate Dean for Faculty Development

For details on the Promotion and Tenure Committee composition, functions and procedures, see our Bylaws (section 3.4.7).

For details on the reappointment, promotion and tenure process, see the Guidelines for Faculty Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure in the College of Natural Science.

Scholarships & Awards Committee

The committee handles the selection procedures for all endowed scholarships and awards in the college as defined by the guidelines of each individual scholarship or award.

Committee Members 2022-2023

  • Shelba Onchiri (CEM) (Specialist - Advisor)
  • Ben Schmidt (MTH)
  • William Yang (Support Staff)
  • Ed Walker (MMG)
  • DEIAC Representative
  • Graduate Student Representative
  • Postdoc Representative
  • Undergraduate Student Representative


  • Lynmarie Posey, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
  • Danielle Flores Lopez, Associate Director of Student Success
  • Carolyn Sekedat, Office Coordinator

For details on the Scholarships and Awards Committee composition, functions and procedures, see the College Bylaws (section 3.4.8).

University Committee NatSci Representatives

Committee Members 2021-2022:

  • University Council and Faculty Senate
    • Thomas Hamann (CEM)
    • Min-Hao Kuo (BMB)
    • Aaron Odom (CEM)
    • Francois Greer (MTH
    • FAC Chair
      • Steering Committee: Megan Donahue (PHY)
  • Standing Committees
    • Undergrad Education - Gary Blanchard (CEM)
    • Curriculum - Brian Chadwick (MTH)
    • Faculty Affairs - Ekaterina Rapinchuk (MTH)
    • Faculty Tenure - Xiangshi Jin (CEM)
    • Graduate Studies
      • Rajesh Kulkami (MTH)
      • Tom Sharkey (BMB)
    • Academic Governance - Willie Wong (MTH)
  • Advisory/Consultative Committees
    • Honors Programs - Kathleen Hoag (BLD)
    • International Programs - Catherine Lindell (IBIO)
    • Library - Shi-You Ding (PLB)
  • Hearing Boards
    • University Student-Faculty Judiciaries
      • Ryan Maccombs (MTH)
      • Yair Shachar-Hill (PLB)
      • Vladimir Zelevinsky (PHY)