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Instructions for Tenure System Annual Evaluations

NatSci’s Annual Evaluation Process is intended to ensure a college-wide performance conversation culture in which Unit leader(s), academic specialists, and faculty have direct and transparent conversations focused on expectations and goals at least once per year to strengthen alignment and mutual success. Additionally, this Annual Evaluation Form provides a consistent summary to the College to support equitable decisions including annual allocations from the Merit Raise Pool and the Equity and Excellence Market Pool. 

To achieve those goals, key steps for unit leaders (chairs, directors, supervisors) include:

  1. Input. Follow the NatSci Annual Reporting Framework, as customized per Unit. Invite and receive academic specialist’s and/or faculty member’s Annual Reflective Statement and other requested inputs, including a reflection on student learning (optional for AY 2022-23) if the appointment includes teaching.
  2. Feedback. Drawing from this input, complete relevant rubrics withing this Annual Evaluation Form
  3. Conversation. Discuss performance.  Recommended elements:
    • Review career aspirations and confirm clear feedback regarding expectations and milestones
    • Celebrate successes
    • Set future goals
    • Address how the unit might better support the individual to reach and sustain strong/leading performance
    • Confirm understanding of how the annual salary review process works
  4. Accountability. Send the signed Annual Evaluation Form to the Dean’s Office as soon as completed and not later than June 30 to assure consideration for annual salary review.

To support a robust conversation, this document invites:

Overall Progress / Aggregate Performance Summary (above) that:

  • describes overall performance across key areas
  • considers RPT/C status and career aspirations
  • highlights any performance areas needing attention and improvement to match career goals

Comments on Culture Contributions & Performance Context (above) that:

  • emphasize contributions to key NatSci culture, climate, and values, specifically highlighting DEI
  • create open dialogue about the performance context, beyond individual efforts, within the unit and college

Feedback in Evaluation Rubrics:

  • focus on important performance contributions: administration, advising, curriculum development, outreach, research, service, and teaching
  • support discussion of expectations and current performance levels with specific evidence/examples
  • encourage goal setting and professional growth recommendations

For further detail on unit expectations, please refer to the Annual Reporting Framework Part 1 and Part 2 (obtain from your unit) when discussing the Evaluation Rubrics and completing this Annual Evaluation Form.

Faculty should review and sign the NatSci Outside Work for Pay Disclosure Form yearly as part of the annual evaluation process and, if necessary, should fill out and submit the MSU Outside Work for Pay/Overload Pay form for Department and NatSci approval.