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Outstanding Academic Advisor Nomination

Help MSU acknowledge advisors who demonstrate excellence in providing useful educational and career advice to our students.

If your advisor is deserving of this award, please complete the Nomination Form below. The award is sponsored by the NatSci Student Advisory Council.

  • An advisor can only be presented this award one time. A list of past recipients.
  • Awards are presented to both undergraduate and graduate student advisors.

Use this form to nominate your academic advisor for the NatSci Outstanding Academic Advisor Award. Nominations are due March 15. Each nomination must have at least one endorsement and advisors must have at least a 10 percent appointment in NatSci. Award recipients are determined by the NatSci Student Advisory Council. If you have any questions, please email NatSci.Undergrad@msu.edu. Please note, additional letters of support are not required.


List students or faculty who endorse this nomination. At least one endorsement is required. 

Second Endorsement
Third Endorsement
Nominator's Endorsement

How has your advisor helped you set and reach your academic and professional goals in science?

What other responsibilities does your advisor have in addition to advising (for example, administrative duties, teaching, research, advising a student group)?  Please list.

How has your advisor contributed to your success at MSU?

Why is your advisor deserving of this award?