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Undergraduate Academic and Student Affairs

The College of Natural Science Undergraduate Academic and Student Affairs office is a resource for NatSci students. If you have questions about College and University programs, college requirements, academic policies and procedures, we encourage you to contact us. (Contact information is below.)

We are here to answer your questions or direct you to the appropriate resources! Some areas we can help with include:

  • Major changes
  • Dean’s Drop (dropping a course after the middle of a semester)
  • Withdrawals (dropping all of the semester courses for which you are currently enrolled)
  • Medical Withdrawals
  • Grief absence
  • Appeal academic actions such as recess or dismissal
  • Other actions requiring college-level approval
  • General questions
  • Three exam letters (when you have 3 or more final exams on one day)

Contact information for the Undergraduate Academic and Student Affairs Office Staff

106 Natural Science
(517) 355-4470