Policies and Procedures

The Bylaws of the College of Natural Science (NatSci) are intended to provide a framework for meaningful participation of faculty and students in the academic governance of the college.

Policies regarding the review of unit executive officers (department chairs or program directors) wishing to continue in the position taken place in the chair’s/director’s fifth year or earlier if required by the unit’s bylaws.

Forms and documents for use with faculty, teaching, chair, associate dean and director reviews.

This document describes the college policies for faculty development and evaluation. Each unit with tenure system faculty positions should have a parallel set of policies.

Effective mentoring at the department level is particularly important to the success of new tenure system faculty members.

Documents and procedure required to complete the faculty search process.

The principal roles of the tenured and tenure system members of the faculty of the College of Natural Science are many. It is important that all faculty members fully understand their workload and performance expectations as well as be aware of the summer salary policy. 

Graduate Student Academic Grievance Hearing Procedures for the College of Natural Science.

Criteria for promotion and tenure in the College of Natural Science and guidelines for the evaluation process. It adds to and is consistent with MSU policy and timetable.

University Reporting Protocols for child abuse, sexual assault and child pornography.

The Office of Research Support provides coordination for grant development for faculty within the College of Natural Science.

The NatSci policies related to sabbatical leaves described here build on and are consistent with the University sabbatical leaves policies.