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Reappointment, Promotion & Tenure/Continuing System Guidelines

A guide (PDF) describing the criteria for promotion and tenure in the College of Natural Science and guidelines for the evaluation process. It adds to and is consistent with MSU policy and timetable. Slides from the Spring 2022 NatSci RPT workshop (PDF).

Due Dates
Forms & Checklists
Writing Effective Reflective Essays
Unit Policies & Procedures

Note: An automatic one-year tenure system probationary appointment extension for reasons related to the birth or adoption of child is available upon request (see the Extending the Tenure Clock policy in the Faculty Handbook for details). To obtain an extension, a faculty member must submit a letter of request (including the birth date of the child) to their department chair. The department chair signs the letter to acknowledge the request and forwards it to the dean, who also signs and then forwards it to the director of Academic Human Resources.

Due Dates: Promotion of Faculty & Academic Staff


Promotion Due to College
Tenure System

January 5 (Response due to college January 12)

Reappointments due December 15 (Response due to college December 22)

Fixed Term

January 5 (Response due to College January 12)

Fixed Term Designation B

Spring: February 28
Fall: October 20

Academic Specialists March 15


Forms & Checklists


Writing Effective Reflective Essays

Writing effective reflective essays for annual evaluations as well as for the Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure process.

Unit Policies & Procedures

Estabilishing RPT Bylaws for your unit? See the NatSci Unit Bylaw Requirements for RPT.