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Classes Without Quizzes

Classes Without Quizzes is an MSU experience unlike any other and isn’t just for science majors. All MSU alumni and friends are welcome!

Classes Without Quizzes will be held both in person and virtually on Saturday, April 23, 2022.  To register please visit: https://mynatsci.msu.edu/cwq.

Registration is available for both in person and virtual attendees. There will be an opportunity for in person tours of the new STEM Teaching and Learning Facility after the conclusion of the event.

Schedule of Classes:

  • Microbes to Power! presented by Gemma Reguera
    • The Reguera lab studies microbes that generate electrical currents to wire their metabolisms to minerals and other microbes. Collectively, these wired communities electrify the Earth and make global contributions to the cycling of elements essential to life. In this talk, you will learn what makes these microbes ‘electric’ and how we are harnessing their power to solve critical problems threatening economic and environmental sustainability. 
  • No Laughing Matter: Scientific Discovery Among the Hyenas presented by Kay Holekamp
    • When people learn that my students and I have been studying the same population of spotted hyenas in Kenya since the 1980s, they always ask, “Why in the world would you spend so much time studying a creature like that?” Even I believed when I first set out for Africa that I would watch hyenas for only 3 or four years, then move on to study a different animal. However, I quickly discovered that the spotted hyena, also known as the laughing hyena, is an exceptionally interesting animal that can teach us a great deal about topics as diverse as disease resistance, automotive paints, cooperation, social inequality, and the evolution of intelligence.
  • A Deep Dive into Mucus, Poop and Tropical Reefs presented by Robert Quinn
    • The microbiome is a complex assemblage of bacteria, fungi and viruses that associate with all animals and environments on earth. Though conventional wisdom associates microbes with disease, and that is certainly true in current times, the vast majority of these microorganisms are vital for the maintenance of healthy humans and healthy environments. My laboratory studies the chemistry and dynamics of human and marine microbiomes with a keen eye for common properties across these systems that represent fundamental aspects of animal-microbe interactions. In this seminar, I’ll take a deep dive into our three focus areas: the microbiome in cystic fibrosis lung mucus, bile acids in the human gut, and the response of corals reefs to global warming. But don’t worry, I’ll concentrate most of the visuals on the latter.

We will also have featured Dean's Research Scholars giving presentations on their research throughout the event.

You can watch past presentations that were livestreamed online here. Classes Without Quizzes was held virtually in 2021.  To view the recording of the presentations click here. Download the bluebook for Classes Without Quizzes and read more about the faculty presenters.


Please contact Sara Ford via email at fordsar2@msu.edu.