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NatSci Virtual Events

Relive the Highlights of Past Virtual Events, From insightful webinars and interactive conversations to virtual gatherings that foster connections; our online events provided a unique platform to explore the latest in science, connect with experts, and build a community of like-minded individuals.

Past Virtual Events

  • NatSci Dean’s Research ScholarsThese impressive students answer questions about their research focus, why they chose to attend Michigan State, and how they have been affected by the current pandemic.
  • Big Data and Quantum Computing: NatSci computational scientists Andrew Christlieb, Johannes Pollanen and Angela Wilson, discuss their research activities and MSU’s leadership in quantum computing.
  • Biological DiversityNatSci integrative biologists Elise Zipkin and Phoebe Zarnetske, talk about the importance of biological diversity and how their research is making an impact in addressing significant challenges in this field.
  • Colossal Black-Hole EruptionNatSci astronomer Mark Voit shares his research on massive black holes in the universe and how matter falling into them releases enormous amounts of energy in huge eruptions that cause "weather" that determines how giant galaxies grow and change with time.
  • Viruses and Vaccines: NatSci microbiology experts Vic DiRita and Cori Fata-Hartley discuss principles of viruses and the COVOID virus, including details of virus structure, how viruses replicate, what is SARS CoV-2 and what are the steps to a vaccine?
  • Climate Change and Plants:  NatSci plant biologist Berkley Walker explains that, while plants are great at harnessing energy from the sun as biomass, they have one clear weakness—photorespiration. Walker explains photorespiration and how it is the key for understanding plant response to climate change.
  • Sex differences in brain circuitry underlying addiction and depression: NatSci neuroscientist A.J. Robison discusses recent findings from his lab that uncovered a specific circuit in the mouse brain that modulates depression- and addiction-like behaviors, and explains differences in these diseases between men and women.
  • Improving STEM through Data-driven DiscoveryNatSci physics education professor Danny Caballero discusses how advances in data science have led to important discoveries in fields such as epidemiology, bioinformatics, particle physics, and medical imaging.
  • Exposures to “forever chemicals” - challenges and opportunities in the PFAS era:  Dan Jones, MSU Center for PFAS Research associate director, discusses the production of a wide range of water-repellent and oil-repellent coatings and lubricants, dubbed “forever chemicals,” and the upside and downside of these products.
  • NatSci Townhall: Welcome Back to Campus This townhall style event includes an update on the college and provides answers to FAQ about what classes, campus life, research and everything in between will look like in the Fall of 2020.
  • The Data Behind Hockey AnalyticsIn this introduction to hockey analytics, we present an overview of definitions, computational methods, and statistical analysis needed to analyze large scale data in hockey. These tools were used to construct a sample application to predict the performance of junior, college, and NHL players.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the College of Natural Science: In this presentation by Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Dr. Amber Benton shares her vision and goals for DEI within the College of Natural Science.