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Periodic Table still influencing today's research
February 7, 2019

In a special issue of Science, which celebrates the sesquicentennial anniversary of the Periodic Table, MSU chemist James McCusker highlights some of the current research around the globe driven by Mendeleev’s influence.

Four NatSci faculty members to be honored at MSU Awards Convocation
January 29, 2019

Four College of Natural Science faculty members will be honored at the 2018–2019 MSU All-University Awards ceremony on February 5 in recognition of their outstanding contributions to education and research.

Undergraduate conference empowers female physicists
January 28, 2019

Hundreds of women who are enrolled in physics programs across the United States recently attended the Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics. More than 150 of them gathered on the MSU campus to attend the Midwest regional session—one of 12 regional conferences held simultaneously across the country Jan. 18-20.

Cleft palate gene mutations now linked to spina bifida
January 25, 2019

MSU and Children's National Health System researchers, including NatSci's Brian Schutte, are the first to link mutations in a gene known as “interferon regulatory factor 6,” or IRF6—which cause cleft palates—to spina bifida and other neural tube defects.

Birth of massive black holes in the early universe revealed
January 23, 2019

New collaborative research led by researchers from several institutions including MSU showed that when galaxies assemble extremely rapidly – and sometimes violently – it can lead to the formation of very massive black holes. In these rare galaxies, normal star formation is disrupted and black hole formation takes over.

Research on new approach to treating myeloma continues with grant award
January 22, 2019

MSU chemist Jetze Tepe is the recipient of a highly competitive 2019 Brian D. Novis Senior Research Grant from the International Myeloma Foundation. The award will support his ongoing work on the development of a new approach to treating multiple myeloma.

Keeping astronauts healthy during deep space missions
January 22, 2019

MSU’s George Mias recently received a grant from the Translational Research Institute for Space Health in partnership with NASA look at molecular signatures from previous space missions – thousands of body signals ranging from genes, proteins, heart rate, saliva, blood pressure and more – to detect illnesses before they happen.

Quantum chemistry Ph.D. student awarded prestigious fellowship
January 16, 2019

J. Emiliano Deustua, a MSU quantum chemistry Ph.D. student, was recently awarded the very competitive and prestigious Phase-II Molecular Sciences Software Institute Software Fellowship by the institute’s Science and Software Advisory Board.

Victor DiRita elected to lead prestigious life science society
January 15, 2019

Victor DiRita, the Rudolph Hugh Endowed Chair in microbial pathogenesis at MSU was recently elected to the American Society for Microbiology. He will serve a one-year term as president-elect beginning July 1 and will then become president in July 2020.

NatSci's Ariel Robbins receives national advising award
January 10, 2019

Ariel Robbins, academic advisor in the MSU College of Natural Science and the Charles Drew Science Scholars Program, has been selected for the National Academic Advising Association Great Lakes Region 5 Excellence in Advising award.