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grad students and professor

MSU’s College of Natural Science (NatSci) is home to nearly 1,000 graduate students who are pursuing advanced degrees across the biological, physical and mathematical sciences.

MSU NatSci has extraordinary faculty and provides world-class facilities with a proven record of success. Graduate students are able to explore and develop their academic interests by utilizing a network of more than 325 faculty members and 30 degree programs to enhance scholarship in their chosen field. Collaboration and customization are at the core of our graduate studies. We offer one-on-one contact with faculty that enables students to customize studies according to personal strengths and interests.

Certification in Teaching College Science and Mathematics is a voluntary comprehensive program to prepare graduate students for careers in post-secondary education while enhancing the quality of their teaching at Michigan State.

Our alumni enjoy diverse careers in academic institutions, government agencies, research institutes and private industry. With more than half a million alumni worldwide, MSU is a global leader in advancing knowledge and transforming lives. Apply now and connect with your future!