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Education Abroad

Experience your defining moment while connecting with the world around you.

As a Natural Science major, you can gain global exposure through education abroad. Students can take classes, conduct research, and get involved in local communities all over the world while earning credit toward graduation. Living and learning abroad offers students a valuable opportunity to experience new cultures and perspectives, and develop skill sets valued by employers and graduate schools, such as flexibility, resourcefulness, and self-confidence.

Sarah Whitaker, Director of Education Abroad and Off-Campus Programs

We support many options for both Natural Science and others interested in studying science abroad.

  • Witness and apply environmental science firsthand in faculty-led field studies around the world.
  • Study math and science for a semester in a completely different university system.
  • Conduct research with a team in an international lab or field station.
  • Enhance your foreign language skills by living and learning overseas.
  • Earn required Integrative Studies credit in general science, social science, or arts and letters.

Study Abroad trip

NatSci majors are not limited to “science” study abroad programs. Most MSU programs welcome students from all colleges. Search by country or by subjects that intrigue you.

For more opportunities, search all MSU Study Abroad programs by country, subject, semester, and length.

Two Types of Programs

faculty-ledDE or EX






Semester Abroad

Many more universities are open to ALL MSU majors - Meet with advisors to determine what school is best for you. Search Study Abroad Programs

Program Costs & Aid

Program costs vary and depend on factors like location, program length and type of housing offered. NatSci Study Abroad scholarships are available for students with a degree major in the Natural Sciences. Additional information on financial aid and scholarships is available from the MSU Office for Education Abroad.

How to Apply

The Education Abroad Online Application must be submitted for each student applying to any MSU-sponsored Study Abroad program. The MSU Office for Education Abroad also provides resources to aid in all aspects of studying abroad.

For clarification or any help in the process, contact our Director of Education Abroad and Off-Campus Programs, Sarah Whitaker.